Welcome to the Oberon U3A website! Our group began at the end of 2012 with a small steering committee which ran several courses in February and March 2013 in a bid to build up interest. At a public meeting in May 2013 we formed an official committee and courses began in Term 3 and continued in Term 4. We have been incorporated and we have joined the NSW U3A network.

What is U3A?

The University of the third Age (U3A) is not a university but a worldwide movement that encourages people over 50 to continue to learn new things in a relaxed and friendly environment. The use of the word “university” in the title comes from the medieval concept of a “community of scholars” who come together to learn from one another. The 3A or Third Age is the age of retirement, following on from the Second Age of working, supporting families etc, and the First Age of childhood and adolescence when we were dependent upon parents for support. The U3A concept was developed in Toulouse in France in 1972 and quickly spread to other countries, reaching Australia in 1984.


All U3A’s are volunteer groups run by a committee of local members. The main demographic for U3A’s is the over 50s.

Membership of Oberon U3A has been set at $20 per year. This fee will be used to cover costs like incorporation, insurance, membership of the NSW U3A network, webpage subscription, licences for photocopying etc, and things like venue hire, postage and stationery. Membership renewals should be paid by the end of January each year.


You need no qualifications to attend or teach a course. There are no examinations or tests. All tutors give their time and expertise voluntarily.

Members will be able to attend the majority of U3A courses for nothing. Sometimes a particular course may need special materials, in which case a small fee may be charged.

Courses will be held during school terms and almost always during the day. Most of our courses will be held at the Robert Hooper Community Centre or the Oberon Technology Centre (CTC). Some courses will run over several weeks, others may consist of only one brief session.

Course leaders wanted

Are you willing to run a course, or give a talk or a demonstration on something that interests you a lot? The success of Oberon’s U3A will depend not only on getting members but on the courses we run. To have successful courses we need enthusiastic volunteers who are willing to share their experience and skills with others.

We would love to hear from you! Contact the Oberon U3A secretary at  oberonu3a@gmail.com

Oberon U3A would like to acknowledge and thank Lynne Causer for providing the photograph for our website.